Our Culture

Building collaboration and fulfillment, not unnecessary billables.

A new way of practicing law.

At ZentLaw, we know that it is often the most skilled, effective, and congenial attorneys that find themselves alienated from a law firm culture that rewards inefficiency, long hours, and adherence to unnecessary and often all-consuming demands over experience, effectiveness, collegiality, and results.

Since 2002, attorneys have worked with ZentLaw because our values align with theirs, and we help provide them with the work opportunities that deliver excellent compensation, flexible schedules, positive work environments, and the ability to be in control of their career and work-life balance.

Current job openings

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Challenging work, brand name clients, flexible schedules and talented colleagues.

Experience the Difference

ZentLaw provides a win-win situation for organizations of all sizes seeking excellent, flexible legal counsel as well as accomplished transactional attorneys seeking a rewarding and fulfilling alternative to a law firm environment.

Our attorneys come to us a from a wide variety of backgrounds, including elite corporate law firms and in-house counsel positions. We are highly selective in bringing new attorneys onto the ZentLaw team. We look for a solid track record of transactional experience, a friendly demeanor suited towards collaboration with a range of clients, and a desire to deliver great results for our clients.

In short, ZentLaw fosters an environment where results, efficiency, and congeniality are rewarded, all in the name of providing outstanding service to clients and competitive benefits for our attorneys.


In addition to pro bono service, ZentLaw has also formally supported organizations such as the:

  • Law Foundation of Silicon Valley
  • Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley
  • Inner City Law Clinic
  • California Lawyers for the Arts