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Our Virtual Counsel® Subscription is for clients who need ongoing legal support for a certain category of work (such as all transactions for a line of business) and need to precisely budget their legal spend. Select a rate tier that applies to your needs and you are billed a fixed monthly subscription fee for all work performed within that category. We do not exceed the hours allotted in the rate tier that you select. The objective is to complete all work in that category without exceeding the rate tier.

Use the Virtual Counsel® Subscription for managing overflow legal work, spikes in workflow, special projects, or any other legal support needs that may not warrant a full-time secondment. Depending on the rate tier selected, services can be performed on-site at client offices as well. Our Subscription offering allows you to benefit from a very cost-effective pricing structure while budgeting and forecasting legal spend with absolute certainty.

The billable hour is... under attack and losing ground. According to BTI Consulting Group, the market is tracking for an increase this year of more than 50 percent in corporate spending on alternatives to the traditional hourly fee model.
- The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel