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Secondments are for clients who need ZentLaw attorneys on-site at their offices and dedicated to their team. On-site support from a ZentLaw attorney at an all-inclusive cost is less expensive than hiring an employee for what could be a short-term need, such as coverage for maternity leave, hiring gaps or special projects. ZentLaw Secondment pricing includes compliance with State Bar C.L.E. requirements, liability insurance, worker's compensation, employer and payroll taxes, paid holidays and employee benefits, as applicable. These are costs that ZentLaw absorbs, unlike secondment agencies or outsourcing firms that pass those costs along to you.

ZentLaw's Secondments are structured with a 3x3 minimum (three days per week for three months), with a choice of three, four or five day per week engagements, and charged on flat day rate basis. Our Secondments allow you to fill an interim need with the right resources under convenient terms and a cost structure that makes sense when budget overruns are not an option.

One of the best aspects of a secondment is that the corporate legal team gains "top-notch" talent from a well-regarded firm as a way to shore up its in-house staffing needs.
- GC California Magazine