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Our On Demand GC Plan is for start-up clients who need a dedicated full-time or fractional General Counsel for their organization on cost-effective terms. Services can be provided on-site or off-site, depending on the need. Similar to ZentLaw Secondments, these plans are structured on a three, four or five day per week engagement and charged at a flat, all-inclusive day rate. The difference with these plans, however, is that they are priced and staffed specifically for a start-up organization.

ZentLaw's On Demand GC Plans include compliance with State Bar C.L.E., liability insurance, worker's compensation, payroll taxes, and benefits. These are costs that ZentLaw absorbs, unlike secondment agencies or outsourcing firms that pass such costs along to you. Use our On Demand GC Plan to manage the evolving legal needs of a start-up organization against limited funding resources.

Big Law... is facing a potential paradigm shift as fundamental as the one that has hit investment banks and the auto industry. Big, as a business model� seems bound for obsolescence.
- The New York Times