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Our Internet & E-Commerce Practice is a subgroup within ZentLaw's Commercial Law and Technology Transactions Practices. There are a variety of issues that arise in the Internet and e-commerce industry, from data privacy and consumer law issues to IP licensing and enforceability issues. ZentLaw is equipped to address these issues and we regularly advise on the evolving landscape of the law in this sector.

ZentLaw attorneys advise on a variety of consumer law issues pertaining to sales activity through our clients' E-commerce lines of business and offerings. We regularly draft and update online terms and conditions of use as well as the terms and conditions for online promotions and marketing initiatives. The collection, use, and sharing of personally identifiable information is a challenging and evolving area of the law. We prepare and implement privacy policies, draft agreements with vendors to ensure compliance, and assist in the implementation of these policies.

ZentLaw attorneys advise on ways to minimize the risks of potential liability related to online stores, online promotions, social media platforms and so on. We help to develop terms and policies, including moderation protocols, escalation paths, and guidelines. We negotiate transactions and prepare agreements that involve the development, licensing, and distribution of technology and related products and services integral to E-commerce business operations. We are experienced in handling payment-processing relationships. ZentLaw attorneys also advise on compliance requirements pertinent to E-commerce activity, such as Federal Trade Commission regulations, privacy law and credit card association rules.